Sexytime Formula

 romance & Desire – Naturally

A fun, sexy way to incorporate aphrodisiacs. Herbal recipe especially formulated for inspiring arousal in men and women.

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  • Arousing
  • Relaxation
  • Flirtatious & playful
  • Truly an aphrodisiac
  • Skin turns to butter
  • Fun to share
  • Fast acting results
  • 300 inhalations per cartridge!
  • 100% plant extract
  • Fully portable
  • Before, during and after a hot date
  • Inspiring open-hearted desire
  • Sharing feel-good amongst friends

Experience Greensticks Botanicals

Our Sexytime Formula is a fun, sexy way to share mutually exciting sexual enhancement.

Time and reputation tested herbal remedies for enhancing sexual arousal for both men and women, Sexytime Formula is a rapid acting aphrodisiac that is lovely to share with your lover.

Reputed to create a sense of relaxed arousal in women, this formula enhances sensation and sensitivity, we suggest lots of skin contact when using Sexytime.

Free from synthetic chemicals, no propylene glycol, and only 100% plant extract (not concentrated with solvents), Greensticks take what is best about the vape world, and leave the shortcomings of modern vaporization behind.

Discreet, effective and amazingly convenient – we’ve found that Greensticks are amazing for sharing an all-around feel good with close friends and bringing a deeper sense of physical awareness.

Taste the full plant flavor, no fake smells or flavoring agents have been added – it’s clean, light, and a fun way to share herbal medicine.

Sexytime Formula

Fantastic enhancement for your romance.