Relaxation – Cartridge Only


Relaxation is a sedating blend of kava kava, valerian and hops which can be used to help one fall into a restful slumber.

Also beneficial for heightened emotional states, diminishing anxiety and nervous episodes – bringing true relaxation to the nervous system.

We've found they're pretty good for inspiring rest after the excitement of a festival, or for serious sleep during travel.

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Relaxation contains the following 100% plant medicines:

  • Valerian: Known for its relaxing and soothing qualities, Valerian is a nervine that brings calm to stressed nerves, not just calming them for thorough relaxation, but helping stressed nervous systems recover.
  • Kava Kava: Kava is known to induce tranquility and a state of well being and is quite useful for calming heightened emotional states and overactive minds.
  • Hops: The ultimate in relaxation, hops bring calm and rest to the nervous system. Hops sedative qualities result in a truly deep and restful sleep.

Each cartridge has approximately 300 hits of the formula. A full dose is 3-5 drags, waiting about 10 minutes between doses.

Does not contain propylene-glycol, or any solvents and is an ideal plant based alternative to other harmful extract processes.

Please Note: This item is for the cartridge refill only and does not include the battery or charger necessary to use Greensticks.