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The Complete Herbal Remedy Vape Kit

Merging modern technology with traditional herbal remedy kit

Be ready for any scenario with the complete kit!

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  • Immediate relief for emotional upset
  • Sedating sleep support
  • Quick energy boost
  • Heightened sexual arousal for men and women!
  • Liver support and easing hangovers after overindulging
  • Super fast acting
  • 300 inhalations per cartridge!
  • 100% plant extract
  • Fully portable
  • Herbal support for any scenario!
  • Includes low-heat battery & convenient USB charger
  • Afternoon energy boost
  • After a stressful day
  • When you can’t sleep
  • During a romantic evening
  • After too much to eat
  • Before an evening of drinking
  • Calming anxiety attacks

Experience Greensticks Botanicals

Greensticks Botanicals Vape Pens are the next evolution of herbal remedies.

The healing qualities of tea and traditional herbalism in your pocket, Greensticks allow you to inhale the beneficial qualities of each herb in a fast acting, but controlled manner.

Ideal for people who avoid the alcohol in traditional tinctures, Greensticks are a convenient way to quickly feel the affects of 100% plant formulas. 

Free from synthetic chemicals, no propylene glycol, and only 100% plant extract (not concentrated with solvents), Greensticks take what is best about the vape world, and leave the shortcomings of modern vaporization behind. 

Discreet, effective and amazingly convenient – we’ve found that Greensticks are amazing for travel, being prepared for the highs and lows of festival going, relaxing, inspiring romance and being an all around feel good when life gets a bit too intense.

Taste the full plant flavor, no fake smells or flavoring agents have been added – it’s clean, light, and a fun way to share herbal medicine with friends.

The Complete Herbal Kit

Includes Energy, Sexytime, Hangover, and Relaxation Formulas (one of each), a low-heat battery and USB charger.