Hangover Formula

 Recovery from Overindulgence

For bouncing back from a late night, or just loving on your liver, Hangover Formula is the ticket.

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  • Liver supporting
  • Good before and after overindulgence
  • Soothe anxious tummies
  • System balancing
  • Pain Relief
  • Use while socializing
  • Discreet and effective
  • Fast acting results
  • 300 inhalations per cartridge!
  • 100% plant extract
  • Fully portable
  • Before an evening of drinking
  • After eating too much food
  • Extra support during a cleanse
  • Festival mornings
  • Healing liver damage
  • Pharma-recover

Experience Greensticks Botanicals

Our Hangover Formula is an effective way to soothe and calm hangover symptoms from overdoing it.

Herbs that ease the tummy, help rebuild the liver, and preempt damage caused by other pharmaceuticals – Hangover Formula is really more than just a hangover remedy.

Beneficial to use in advance, during and after activities that might deplete the body – Hangover Formula starts working to support your body immediately.

Free from synthetic chemicals, no propylene glycol, and only 100% plant extract (not concentrated with solvents), Greensticks take what is best about the vape world, and leave the shortcomings of modern vaporization behind.

Discreet, effective and amazingly convenient – we’ve found that Greensticks are amazing for sharing herbal support with friends while out socializing.

Taste the full plant flavor, no fake smells or flavoring agents have been added – it’s clean, light, and a fun way to share herbal medicine.

Hangover Formula

Recovery for when you really stick it to your liver.